About us

Inca Footsteps Locally-owned business, we are Local 100% Cusquenian Company. The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led us to become travel specialists who create customized luxury journeys to inspiring destinations in the country

About us

Inca Footsteps Locally-owned business, we are Local 100% Cusquenian Company. The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led us to become travel specialists who create customized luxury journeys to inspiring destinations in the country. Whether it’s designing from cultural hiking adventures to expeditions, treks, private journeys, we have created adventures to fit every interest with unforgettable trips, a commitment to the needs of the customer allows our staff to offer an unmatched experience. This unwavering focus, in addition to a dynamic, energetic and exciting travel culture, Inca Footsteps ensures that your journey is seamless, authentic and beyond what you had imagined.

We share all types of packages - premier, standard and budget - with personalized services within Cusco and the neighboring States. We are experienced in providing tailor-made cultural, day tours, spiritual, religious, Multi-sports, trekking, adventure, wellness, and wildlife tours, along with other options packages of Inca Footsteps and major tourist destinations in Cusco-Peru.


Inca Footsteps Adventure Specialists was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing benefits of tourism beyond the wealthy Cusco – Sacred Valley and nearby corridor.

Yesss!!!!, we are a new company in Cusco - Peru, we have been dedicated to providing luxury travel and small customized tours and trekking in Cusco and Peru. But for us, luxury isn’t defined by expense or excess. It’s about helping you to have the experience you lust for and taking care of all the nitty gritty logistics so all you need to concern yourself with is enjoying your trip. This could mean staying in a hotel****, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one. It might also mean booking a modest family-owned hostel or just an accommodation with appealing character or an unbeatable location. Either way, we won’t try to upsell you into something you don’t want. Besides, we won’t make you cough up cash for three-course dinners when all you want is a salad. Your ease, comfort and pleasure are guaranteed when you travel with us.

Well before Inca Footsteps was considered (as a business), a passion for adventure and the outdoors meant that over the years we headed out of Cusco at every opportunity. Hiking and trekking is what we do in our spare time.

We first hike the routes we offer in the spirit to explore – and we wanted to capture this in our tours, so you too can feel the thrill of breaking new ground. Our Philosophy "leave no stone unturned" encapsulates our desire to offer tours that take you away from the standard routes.


Jimmy Jhon was born in a country side of Cusco’s highland, in the heart of the sacred valley of the Incas where learned the traditions, the customs, the culture, the ancient Incan language Quechua or runa simi (people tongue), etc. Because of that, he was called as (Rumi) which means Mountain stone. He started working in this industry of tourism from an early age first began as a porter on the Inca Trail and He fell in love with tourism as a young boy, working in different travel companies in Cusco where he saw and felt the talent and passion but at the same time see how the travel companies abused on their personal staff and paying them measly wages. That was the main reason to start with this wide project of INCA FOOTSTEPS to beat with these misuses.

He founded Inca Footsteps after seeing while studying and learning the need for a company that would better serve visitors to Cusco and Peru, by offering truly personalized and unique travel experiences. Jimmy Jhon, JJ or Rumi as many friends call me cares deeply about the experience of each and every guest, treating them with the same love and devotion that he gives his own only one beautiful child, and looks forward to meeting you in Cusco to hear about your experience! He is committed to surprising and delighting you with every interaction, delivering the most amazing personal service and building a lifetime relationship.



Inca Footsteps S.A.C is one of the only Locally-owned business that keeps their customers as a top priority, respecting all religious beliefs, customs, traditions, languages, cultures and political opinions. While working with local communities by using their transportation, accommodations and foods in the process of development within the tourism of Peru.

We work to commit efficiency, flexibility and we are available 24/7 to help you with everything you will need to organize your trip to Cusco- the Incan Civilization. We work with local and professionals Guides that are ready to make certain that every aspect of your stay in our region is not just an encounter with a foreign culture, but a fascinating, faultless and above all extraordinary service.

We specialize in offering private tours throughout Peru (coast - mountain -jungle).  We also operate all the tours- adventure, cultural, ecological, special interest trips, family packages, trekking and mountaineering.

1. 100% Authentic WE ARE LOCAL PEOPLE

Authenticity means we are local people born and raised in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas; we speak our mother tongue Quechua. Which to learn our culture is an essential ingredient in all our trips. We experience the local way and local life by being in contact with locals, frequenting restaurants and markets where locals eat, and staying in places of accommodation which encourage a mingling of international and domestic travelers. Our native guides will steer you off the tourist beaten path and show you how to do as the locals do. We step out of the crowd and dive into the communities we visit.

2. The best Peruvian cuisine in every single trip.

During our trip we also have a mixture of our Peruvian highland cuisine prepared with fresh and organic ingredients purchased from local people.

3. Happiness Guaranteed

Inca Footsteps has been providing safe, quality tours and experiences for many individuals and groups since 2013.

4. Small Groups

Our trips are led by authentic, local cultural and enriching experiences. Our small groups offer security, camaraderie, and a more intimate connection with your destination than you will get by travelling any other way. Travel units allow for the development of lifelong friendships. More often than not, by the end of a trip, you will find your group has become a traveling family connected by endless memories and stories. SMALL GROUPS AND HUGE EXPERIENCES

5. We are in constant contact

 Inca Footsteps courteous and talented Vacation and Tour Planners have the experience and knowledge to work closely with all Group Leaders and Individuals in every step of the planning process to assure a safe and enjoyable tour or vacation.

6. the Most Affordable 

Inca Footsteps has the most affordable Day tours and long trekking experiences. Our top priority is to put those trips within reach for a majority of travelers across the world, providing all young adults the opportunity to embark on a trip of a lifetime. Long standing collaborations with local suppliers guarantee our groups the best rates on accommodation, activities and transportation. These connections allow us to provide tours at a rate even more affordable than if you were to travel independently.

7. 24/7 Assistance

As experienced travelers and tour leaders, your local guides are prepared to address any questions or concerns 24/7. We realize that needs can arise at any point during a program and we are there for you every step of the way. We want to ensure your trip with us is an experience of a lifetime!

8. Responsive to the needs

Inca Footsteps staff is responsive to the needs of all individuals and groups. We work with all budget requirements and group sizes. We make booking with Inca Footsteps easy!

9. Local Team

Inca Footsteps team is very reliable, courteous and professional. They are also knowledgeable with the area you choose to visit.

10. Accommodation and upgrades

Authentic, affordable accommodation options are utilized in every location. Inca Footsteps programs include top-rated hostels, family run hotels, Hotels **, ***, ****, host family stays and more. Every Camping site we use is clean, safe & well researched. Furthermore, we choose to stay in places that encourage our participants to meet other travelers from a variety of backgrounds. Our goal is to keep you coming back, and to do that, we provide a unique experience that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are traveling with a loved one, or just need more privacy, we’ve got you taken care of. We have excellent deals on private room upgrades, ensuring the privacy & comfort you prefer.

11. Transportation

Every program involves transportation which is commonly used in the locale being explored. However, the long routes, frequency of pick-ups from hotels and hostels to connect the trails. Therefore, when planning a trip, we keep the functionality of travel options top of mind. You can rest assured, knowing every tour is designed with your comfort in mind yet includes authentic ways of exploring your destination, guaranteed!

12. We share educational tours.

We ensure to emphasize the educational aspects of each tour. Whether traveling with an adventure group, our experience is certain to further your knowledge, education and appreciation of the location you’re visiting. Every tour includes a mixture of cultural, historical, smart and educational travel aspects. Increasing awareness and understanding through building global connections is our passion.

13. Feel free to choose the best trip

All of our cultural experiences are full of exciting group activities. However, if you wish to explore independently, there is plenty of free time to do so. We spend adequate time in each destination, ensuring you have the chance to build a connection and authentic taste of the community. Our supportive staff is always on hand to provide recommendations. It’s your trip-your way! Get out and explore!

14. All Treks & Tours are only operated by Inca Footsteps Company

 The Company is owned and operated by Jimmy Jhon Alvarez Huillca a native Guide of Cusco, Peru and experienced guide himself. He is passionate about providing people the best quality service possible. What that means for you is that all our treks and tours are strictly and only operated by INCA FOOTSTEPS PERU with our professional staff. Inca Footsteps Peru will never pass you onto another company; we will work with you until we get it right…. All the departures are 100% guaranteed – If you are booked and have made your deposit. ! You are going!

15. Every tour can be customized to suit your group's needs.

16. We believe that tips are important for our staff- our Cooks, Porters, Wranglers and Guides.

We believe in paying good wages but we also believe that exceptional
service on the part of our staff deserves special recognition by our clients.
Our hard working staffs survive on their wages but they live on their tips. They work amazingly hard and you will be pleased with their work. And tips help them keep their high morale when working with our groups.

17. Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed!


We treat everyone the same: clients and fellow colleagues alike – the way we ourselves wish to be treated, with integrity, respect and sincerity. We are passionate about mountains and love what we do. That's why we are proud to be local.

Inca Footsteps Perú.


Our mission is to make every tourist to Peru explore the Cusco vicinities to the core. Our highly customizable tour packages help our travelers reach every nook and corner genuinely. We have always kept our motto “Our customer’s satisfaction is our top most priority.” Inca Footsteps believes in “better travel, better living” strategy, resulting in safe and hassle free travel to Cusco, Puno, Arequipa & all around Peru.


But what does it actually mean? It is more of a concept of respect for the valley. It can’t really be quantified. However there are certain principles that we can describe as examples.

  • Conservation of biological and cultural diversity
  • Sustainable use of ecological resources (should have a minimal impact)
  • Support for local economies through increased local revenue, jobs for local populations, and use of local supplies and services thus helping communities to rise their standards of life.
  • Community empowerment by sharing participation in management local ecotourism activities
  • Increased environmental and cultural awareness which further encourages the local population to preserve its environment.
  • Minimal environmental tourist industry impact on local resources
  • Being considerate of Peru’s customs, traditions, religion and culture.


Christmas is probably the most important date in the life of every child. INCA FOOTSTEPS instructional delivery tools, clothing and organizes chocolatadas (free chocolate caps for children) Christmas, giving gift, movie in the country and parties with clowns, there is no greater satisfaction in our work to see the smile of a child.

Social Project Inca Footsteps, we always believed that we should “give back” to the communities we pass through when on our treks. Therefore, as part of our commitment to responsible tourism.

Then we shared the hot chocolate with Bread and our gifts! Each child received 2 cups of hot chocolate with special cake-bread, clothes, soccer ball, teddy bears, dolls, toys, toothbrush, and other assorted items to encourage happiness for CHRISTMAS and hygiene.

Inca Footsteps as Local Company is so proud to be able to support these beautiful people, not only in giving them work but also to bring this down to a grassroots level, to show up in person, in their home and share with their families. This makes us so happy to have this holistic approach with our highland employees and their families!

The social projects of Inca Footsteps provide a link between visitors and the Andean communities, via financial donation, and intellectual contribution to projects. We seek out projects which recognize that insiders (Andean Cusco People) and outsiders (Intrepid Inca Footsteps Travelers) all have strengths and weaknesses – and that by working collaboratively we can reach best practice.

While donations are helpful and appreciated, Social Project Inca Footsteps Founder and staff like to be involved at a grassroots level and would like to provide visitors the opportunity to do the same.